About Us

Hi, hello! I’m Katherine, the founder of vayshúl. Of all the pixels trying to steal your attention online, you're right here, reading this. Thank you 🤎

It's no surprise that most ideas are born out of a problem. For me, it was irritation on my bikini area after shaving or waxing & not feeling satisfied with the products on the market.

One day, I was getting a wax and the esthetician suggested I try using facial sheet masks on my bikini area to help with ingrowns & razor bumps. Genius? Yes, but with a catch: I loved the idea of using a sheet mask for its soothing & hydrating properties, but I didn't love the idea of putting certain ingredients on my more sensitive areas. I was hooked on the idea of creating a sheet mask dedicated to this skin care concern.

I wanted it to be the right shape to hug your lines & curves that often get irritated from razors and wax strips. I wanted the serum to be infused with hard working & safe ingredients. And so badly, I wanted to create something that allowed women (and men, ahem) to see how normal & common irritation from hair removal is. Skin isn't meant to be perfect, it's meant for you to feel comfortable in.

And so, vayshúl was born & I hope you love it. 


With appreciation, 

Katherine xx